EA Sports

In order to drive awareness, excitement, and ultimately sales, Paragon developed and executed original event concepts for two EA Sports game launches: Madden and FIFA. Paragon secured partnerships with Barry Sanders (Madden) and Drake (FIFA) to support and promote each launch event. Following the success with each game title, Paragon secured a partnership with Buffalo Wild Wings and created a Madden Rivalry Series in select markets – providing high school football athletes the chance to represent their school/team in Madden competitions.

Event Creation & Management

Create and executed impactful events

Content Creation, Production & Distribution

Develop and distribute original content

Experiential Marketing

Conceive and deliver unique, cutting edge brand experiences

Talent Identification & Procurement

Research and secure talent for brand and product endorsement

Youth Marketing

Successfully engage athletes, parents, trainers, coaches, and administrators

Digital, Social & Mobile Marketing

Amplify engagement through emerging mediums